India is a colorful country which churns out more than a lac of unique craft items every year. Until now, the craft industry in India remains largely fragmented & unorganized. It is believed that the reach of the craft items in India is not more than 200 kms from their source of origin.

MishriDali is created with the mission of providing a level field to Indian handicrafts and expose the products to a larger audience. MishriDali was founded by Zulfiqar Ali - a Bangalore-based IIT engineer in the year 2013.Zulfiqar hails from a small city in Uttar Pradesh and is an avid collector of handicraft items from all across the world.It was his firm belief in the quality of Indian handicraft that led to the foundation of MishriDali.

Our vision is to put atleast one Indian handicraft item in every household with an Internet connection by the year 2025.

Each item displayed on the website is cherry picked by our team. Our objective is to delight you every time you place an order with us. We look forward to your constant feedback,please write to us at

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