September 28, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at MishriDali

I am writing this blog almost a month before the launch of the official website.

It has been almost 9 months since we are working on MishriDali & I thought it would be a good idea to pen down 5 reasons why you should shop at MishriDali:

Reason No. 1: We sell Beautiful Products

Well, you must be thinking that this is quite a generic statement. However, at MishriDali we ‘really’ mean it. Our merchandize team has spent a lot of time in ensuring that each item that is displayed on the website is best in quality & class. Infact, during one of our meetings with an agency, we decided to serve tea in our crockery. The people from the agency were really delighted to see the crockery & marvel led in delight that even after living in the city for so many years, they have never seen such beautiful items.

Though the definition of beauty varies from person to person, we try our best to offer you good-looking & beautiful products.

Reason No.2: Buying stuff from MishriDali will make You Proud

We thrive on our social mission of making Indian Handicraft popular. Principally we deal & will deal in handicrafts which are cut-out from the mainstream. I recall a case where one of my friends suggested that we can evaluate merchandize from Delhi. However, since the proposal did not fit into our scheme of things, we decided to do away with it.

Every item that you purchase from MishriDali takes us one step closer to our dream of having atleast one Indian handicraft item in every household with an Internet connection by 2025.

Reason No.3: At MishriDali You can become more than just a Shopper

We will continuously engage our existing customers about the new Small Scale Handicraft industries we tie up with through our monthly newsletter. Also, we will be creating discussion rooms & chat rooms for our customers where they can post their reviews & feedback. We also plan to come up with a community for MishriDalites which will help them to interact with each other in a better fashion.

Reason No.4: We keep your data absolutely secure

As you know, MishriDali is built using the Shopify ecommerce platform. Shopify is one of the most robust & popular platforms for e-commerce websites across the globe. It is PCI Compliant and keeps your data absolutely secure

Reason No.5: We use the best courier service & do not even charge you for that

All the items brought from MishriDali will be shipped using BlueDart. As you know, Blue Dart is popular in the market for its high standards of quality & superior service.


So these were the 5 reasons why you should shop at MishriDali. It is our constant endeavor to add more points to the list & give you many more reasons to shop with us.